(last update: March 30, 2024)

is the easy way to handle Lyrics and Chords.

A digital solution for songs and chords for musicians on phones, tablets and desktops.

Works on iPhone, iPad and Macs with M1 chip with macOS 13.1 or later. WebApp available on request. Android coming soon.

LyChor is available on the Apple App store now!

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Here is a video explaing the main features of LyChor.

The whole tutorial playlist is here.

Try before you buy

Send an email to lychor@curious-music.com and you can test the webapp for free.

By buying or trying you can influence the direction of development, resulting in a better product for you.


There is a series of tutorial videos on YouTube.

Some of the features at a glance:

More videos are in the manual.


Very simple user interface

The user interface has been optimized to stay out of your way while playing your music. Everything is just a click away.

Import everything.

LyChor is based on simple text files with minimal formatting, so everything just works.

Simple data handling

Put your files in a folder, zip them and save them to the app. That’s it.

Change text sizes

Adjust text sizes to your liking.

Transpose Chords

LyChor automatically detects lines with chords which can be transposed in 12 steps.

Offline access

Once your songs are in, no WiFi connection is needed.

No vendor lock in

All your data is stored on your devices - no uploading to servers.

Fair pricing

Pay only for the app, no recurring costs.

Dark/light mode.

Enable dark mode in live situations that need high contrast like a dark stage.


Importing is:

See the manual for detailed information.




There isn’t an app that is as simple and concise as this one, so we created it.

Features missing?

If you think a feature is missing and should be in, contact us.

But it’s not unlikely that another service or product can help:


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